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Beer brewing systems with stainless steel brewhouse. 1000 to 5000 litre capacity.

500 l. brewing systems

Brew house 500 liters, block-disegn two vessel:

Main dimension: mm. 3200X1420x1360h, main board 1900mm,

Power input: 4kW, 400V 50hz

Gross weight: 300kg

Luminus Infra-red GAS heated,

Wort boiled and cooled at 16° Plato: 500 liters/brew

Evaporation: 8-10%/h

Heating on mashing kettle: 0,9°C/min

Insulation with rock wood 80mm thickness, with welded cladding (waterproof);

MASH/BOIL KETTLE for mashing & boiling operation

Luminus Infra-Red Gas (G20, G30, G31) heating system 33 kW,

Stainless steel AISI 304 2B Cylindrical vertical shell, with conical top and bottom, 100% TIG welding,

Agitator on the top, variable speed control,

Stainless steel upper door DN 400,

Butterfly valves,

Washing group with washing sphere, water inlet;


FILTER TUN/ WHIRLPOOL for filtration & whirlpool operation

Stainless steel AISI 304 2B Cylindrical vertical shell, with flat top and bottom, 100% TIG welding,

Trapezoidal shape of filtration bottom with laser cutting divided in three pieces. Easy extractable for whirlpool operation,

Butterfly valves,

Washing group with washing sphere, water inlet,

Wort recirculation, inlet tangential whirlpool valves,

Usable also for decoction mashing system;



Frame in stainless steel AISI 304, plates in stainless steel AISI 316,

Single or double stage,

Cooling speed 15-20Hl/h wort from +99°C to +10°C with cold water at 4°C,

Probes with digital display on PLC system for temperature control,

Regulation flow with electrical inverter,



Centrifugal pump for wort and grains transfer frequency drive controlled, construction AISI316, sanitary execution,

Stainless steel AISI304 pipes mirror finish, lighting sight-glass, manual butterfly valves,

Sanitary DIN 11851 connections,

Security filters (inspected and cleaned) and check/non-return valves,



Electric switchboard in stainless steel material for command and control the brew-house,

Touch screen Weintek 7” on the electric board with PLC (programmable logic controller). Is possible to visualize and control the system: cold and hot water, brewing recipes, temperatures, etc.,

The PLC control automatically the brew cycle of mashing and boiling (temperature and timing) with the possibility to memorize unlimited different brew cycles.



Stainless steel gangway for the brew-house.