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Soci’s history: a passion for beer becomes a company

Our history

From home-made beer to the boom of breweries.

“Soci” in traditional Veneto dialect means those who see eye to eye, in addition to being the members of a company. And people see eye to eye: when they share something they know everything about.

And this name and its background sum up the origins of Soci’s: the habit of the residents of rural North-east Italy to make everything themselves, at home. Cured meats, wine, cider, grappa and distilled spirits. Only beer was missing: hence a group of friends from the Pedemontana area near Treviso started a new tradition and in 1993 became the “Soci dea Bira”, a famous group of pioneers of craft beer, that still exists.

This is where it all started for Paolo De Martin: the ABCs of brewing learned from a historical worker at Birreria Pedavena, an apprenticeship in Germany under the watchful eye of master brewer Wolfgang Laschinger, at the brewery/malthouse Brauerei Wimmer of Bruckberg, a master’s degree in brewing technology, again in Germany, in Weihenstephan, and attainment of the title Master Brewer and Master Malter.

Next, off to explore the world and learn about beers types, the various brewing methods and to learn how systems were used: France, Australia, Belgium, Great Britain and the cathedrals.

Slowly but surely this hobby turned into a job: Paolo grew together with the Italian gurus of beer, he was a judge in the first national competitions and produces best-sellers such as chestnut beer. His name began to be increasingly heard in the field.

With the first requests for consultation from brewers – a sector which has continued to grow since then – and equipment manufacturers it was a piece of cake: he began his activity which since 2011 in the current form of Soci’s, the Italian partner in the world of craft beer and microbreweries. The “Socio” most in demand.

Soci’s is also involved in the sale of malt and other raw materials, including adjuncts for brewing beer. It is the Bestmalz representative in Italy.