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You become a brewer. With Soci’s you do it faster and better


Starting a brewing business from scratch is not easy. Starting a craft brewery or microbrewery can turn out to be a tough job. What and how much do you need to know to open a microbrewery or a brewpub?

To start to brew and sell good beer you need technical and bureaucratic knowledge, the right equipment, time, and, obviously, money.

All variables that can be reduced to a minimum or with potential that can be promptly exploited with Soci’s help and advice.

Along with the production of systems and sale of equipment and raw materials for brewing beer, Soci’s also provides Paolo De Martin’s in-depth technical knowledge of the field, twenty years’ experience that has involved assisting more than 60 start-ups, familiarity with the market and the evolution of taste, an indispensable basis for working to start with the right ideas and lay the foundation for rapid growth.

  1. Dimensioning, evaluation and indication of the beer brewing system and product chain which is the most suitable from an economic and quality standpoint: barrels, bottles, barrel washers, filters, sanitising material, refrigeration systems, cells, automation, autoclaves, water treatment, connections, brewing adjuncts, drains, waste and reject treatment, legally required equipment, etc.
  2. Study, evaluation and possible treatment of water used for brewing.
  3. Selection of work material (malt, raw grains, hops, yeasts, adjuncts containers, various equipment, laboratory, etc.)
  4. Start up and testing of the brewing system.
  5. On-site brewing with supply of the type of beer recipes requested.
  6. Complete assistance with the Technical Office of the Tax Authorities, with supply of a report (fiscal structure of the system, characteristics of the single components, description of the brewing processes, production potential, energy measurement, finished product type, operating procedures of a technical-accounting nature, determination of the guarantee) to obtain a production license and mandatory registers for excise tax bookkeeping.
  7. Testing and quality assistance for the entire production chain.
  8. Creation and supply of the brewery’s HACCP plan.
  9. On-site training of the personnel assigned to the production chain.