Opinions from brewers and breweries

Over its two decades of business Soci’s has met hundreds of enthusiasts, connoisseurs and simple beer lovers. It has worked with dozens of craft breweries, production companies and small workshops. Some of them have given us feedback on the relationship we have built, motivated by a common passion.

If you are one of these and you’d like to tell us what you think about Soci’s: your feedback and contribution are important for us.

Thank you, and we can’t wait for our next toast together.

What they say about us

Paolo taught us how to make beer professionally thanks to his eye for details in brewing which make the difference, transforming good ideas into excellent products. He understood our needs, adding German rigorousness to the Belgian fantasy we are known for. He was always available if we needed explanations or suggestions.

Published by: Birrificio FM, Pomposa (FE)



Paolo is attentive, available and highly skilled for everything regarding the brewing process, from raw materials to brewing systems. He manages to clear up any doubts. As a supplier he is precise and correct, and his products are top quality. I rely on Soci’s to purchase malts and hops, but also fermenting and maturation tanks.”

Published by: Rémy Charbonnier Brewer at Les Bières du Gran



Paolo is always a 360 degree point of reference. Brewing process, equipment, raw material for brewing beer and even for UTF paperwork. All fields where his support turned out to be priceless.”

Published by: Lorenzo Guarino - Birrificio Rurale



I have nothing but good to say about Soci’s. A professional who works with other professionals: a “colleague” who, fortunately, is also a supplier. He was a brewer before he started selling and so he knows everything that is necessary. He often beat us to the punch and made recommendations ahead of time.”

Published by: Andrea Fralleoni - Free Lions Beer



Just a few words but quite clear: malts with a “plus” compared to the ones we had tried before, with a consistent quality throughout the year. Paolo is known for his great willingness to help. starting from the economic-sales relationship, to bits of technical consultation, priceless for craft beer brewers, and his advice is free. We would actually like, in terms of all this, the availability of hops to expand even more. We are grateful to Soci’s for the relationship they have started with us.”

Published by: Birrificio Valscura di Sarone di Caneva (PN)



Soci’s, a consultation and sales company in the beer brewing field, is represented with the seriousness, expertise and availability of Paolo De Martin and handles top quality malt and products for brewing beer, at competitive prices. As one of the “top business people” on a famous TV talent show would say: “Paolo, you’re hired!”. Piero "

Published by: Birrificio Campo Biondo


Everything is very positive. Claudio"

Published by: Birra Amiata

Some of our customers

  • 32 Via dei Birrai – Pederobba (Treviso)

  • Arròs del Delta del Ebre – Tortosa – Spagna

  • Azienda agricola – Birrificio Bresaola - Custoza (Verona)

  • Birra del Borgo – Borgorose (Rieti)

  • Birra Follina - Vallis Marenis – Miane (Treviso)

  • Birra Mastino – San Martino Buon Albergo (Verona)

  • Birrificio B94 - Lecce

  • Birrificio Birra del Reno - Porretta Terme (Bologna)

  • Birrificio I 3 Bagai - Bergamo

  • Birrificio Ofelia - Sovizzo (Vicenza)

  • Birrificio Amaldi – Pastrengo (Verona)

  • Birrificio Amiata – Arcidosso (Grosseto)

  • Birrificio Argo – Collecchio (Parma)

  • Birrificio Artigianale Doriago - Dolzago (Lecco)

  • Birrificio Azienda Agricola – Chiari (Brescia)

  • Birrificio Azienda Agricola Dei Tos - Vittorio Veneto (Treviso)

  • Birrificio Azienda Agricola La Tartaruga - Porretta Terme (Bologna)

  • Birrificio Azienda Agricola Dal Negro - Pederobba (Treviso)

  • Birrificio Barchessa di Villa Pola – Vedelago (Treviso)

  • Birrificio BeerBante – Colorno (Parma)

  • Birrificio Birranova – Triggianello (Bari)

  • Birrificio Birrone – Isola Vicentina (Vicenza)

  • Birrificio Brunz – Vinci (Firenze)

  • Birrificio Castel del Monte – Ruvo di Puglia (Bari)

  • Birrificio Campo Biondo - Terrazza Padovana (Padova)

  • Birrificio Dada – Correggio (Reggio Emilia)

  • Birrificio Karma Srl - Alvignano (Caserta)

  • Birrificio di Parma – Parma

  • Birrificio di Quero – Quero (Belluno)

  • Birrificio Estense – Montagnana (Padova)

  • Birrificio Fermenti – Montebelluna (Treviso)

  • Birrificio Forte Brewing - Bracciano (Roma)

  • Birrificio FM – Codigoro (FE)

  • Birrificio Foglie d'Erba – Forni di Sopra (UD)

  • Birrificio Follador – Orlando/Florida - USA

  • Birrificio Fravort – Ospedaletto (Trento)

  • Birrificio Freccia – Mantova

  • Birrificio Giorgia – Ariano Irpino (Avellino)

  • Birrificio K&L – Santorso (Vicenza)

  • Birrificio La Cruda - Milano

  • Birrificio l’Orso Verde – Busto Arsizio (Varese)

  • Birrificio Les Bieres Du Grand St. Bernard – Etroubles (Aosta)

  • Birrificio Lodigiano Cosesi – Casalpusterlengo (Lodi)

  • Birrificio Mottola – Mottola (Taranto)

  • Birrificio Rocca dei Conti – Modica (Ragusa)

  • Birrificio Rurale – Desio (Monza Brianza)

  • Birrificio Terzo Grado Malol – Verona

  • Birrificio Valcavallina – Endine Gaiano (Bergamo)

  • Birrificio Valscura - Sarone di Caneva (Pordenone)

  • Birrificio Zapup - Castello di Serravalle (Bologna)

  • Brasserie Artisanale du Dérochet – Epalinges/Losanna (Svizzera)

  • Brauerei Wimmer - Bruckberg (Bayern - Germania)

  • Cantina E Birrificio B&C - Narzole (Cuneo)

  • Cerveza “Los Aljibes” – Lanzarote – Spagna

  • CLM Impianti Spillatura - Creazzo (Vicenza)

  • Dal Broi Family Wines – Griffith NSW – Australia

  • De Bortoli Winery - Griffith NSW – Australia

  • Dila SA – Spagna

  • Enartis Spagna – Valencia - Spagna

  • Enowine – Murcia – Spagna

  • Garni-Esperia Bierstube - Alleghe (Belluno)

  • Gortani srl – Amaro (Udine)

  • La Caverna del Mastro Birraio – Acireale (Catania)

  • La Gastaldia – Pieve di Soligo (Treviso)

  • Mateo y Bernabé Alimentos Artesanos - Logroño – Spagna

  • Micro birrificio Lara - Tertenia (Ogliastra)

  • Officine Meccaniche Mastromarino – Castellana Grotte (Bari)

  • Oliver Ogar Italia Spa - Montebello Vicentino (Vicenza)

  • Susan Tecnologie – Altivole (Treviso)

  • Tecnogen - Pergine (Trento)

  • Velo Acciai Srl – San Zenone degli Ezzelini (Treviso)

  • Zambelli Enotech - Camisano Vicentino (Vicenza)


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