Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis system for water treatment

Reverse osmosis system (water treatment) built as follows

- frame in PMMA panel

- supply solenoids for managing the tap water and reverse osmosis module

- control unit for managing and programming the system

- minimum pressure switch

- digital reading of mixed water electrical conductivity

- mixing system

- 400 l/h pump with impeller in stainless steel with self-cooling electric motor

- membrane with vessel in plastic 225 PSI (16 bar)

- osmosis recovery

- treated water and tap water flow gauges

- interruption of operation during filter regeneration

- timer system start or on/off in manual

- spare washable network cartridge

- spare carbon block cartridges

- spare 1 micron melt blown cartridges


Photogallery of Reverse Osmosis System

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