Malt extract for brewing beer

Foam and taste, a plus for brewing beer.

Malt extract is obtained from concentrating the wort obtained from malted grains (mainly barley and wheat).

Aspera Breurei - -riese gmbhIt is available as a liquid, solid or in powder, light, amber and dark. The liquid extract (or syrup) contains around 20% water.

The extract is excellent for using to prepare beer such as base malt or it can be added in the brewing phase to improve the taste and impart body to the beer, increasing the foam stability.

Discover the perfect malt extract to brew your beer.


Our products:



"Aspera Brauerei Riese"

in 5 kg canisters

Malt type EBC

Röstmalzbier A/E (leaves white foam)

(Dark malt concentrate) PH 3,5 - 4,5



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