Detergents and sanitisers for brewing systems

Cleaning of equipment for beer is of utmost importance.

The cleaning and hygiene of systems for brewing beer are fundamental both for the quality of the finished product - in terms of taste and organoleptic healthiness - and for the efficiency and duration of the equipment.

Soci's proposes the purchase of top quality, effective detergents and sanitisers for its partners, selected based on long experience in the construction and maintenance of systems for making beer.

These include alkaline detergents, detergents with descaling acid, sanitising made from hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid, wide action spectrum sanitiser, chlorine based sanitising detergents, etc.

Discover our products for cleaning and sanitising your brewing system.


        sopura, detergenti e sanificanti per birrifici                                                  

Our Products


ALCAMIX L - SODIUM HYDROXIDE - Highly effective alkaline liquid detergent

25 kg

PUROXID 2 - soda additive

Cleansing booster, it can also be used alone, made from hydrogen peroxide, it enhances the effect of Alcamix L

25 kg

SOPUROXID5 - PERACETIC - Sanitiser made from hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid 7.5%

25 kg

DETAL HP - PICKLE LIQUOR - Detergent made from stabilised nitric acid

25 kg

ALCAFOAM CL-M - Chlorine-based foaming sanitising detergent

20 kg

PUREXOL 2 - Sanitising detergent, suitable for washing tapping systems

25 kg

ALCOSEPT - Detergent made from ethanol and isopropyl alcohol with sanitising action, suitable for surfaces, small pieces of equipment and fittings

1 kg

ACIDOFOAM CA - Descaler, rinse agent on stainless steel, without phosphorus

20 kg

SOPURED - Sequestering agent

25 kg

Enzybras 3.0 (PRODUCED BY REALCO/PIRAMIDE)- Enzyme detergent

10 kg

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