Raw materials

Malt, hops and more. Top quality ingredients for great beers.

You need top quality ingredients to make excellent beer.

This is a principle that both small and large brewers and breweries would not dream of arguing about: the production of craft or industrial beer requires efficient equipment and processes, but above all quality raw material that can do the job.

This is a list that is much longer than that established by the Bavarian Purity Law: malt, hops, water and yeast, but also extracts and flakes, spices and other flavouring agents, brewing adjuncts, and, lastly, detergents and sanitisers.

Soci's, a company of beer lovers even before professionals and brewers, knows all of this well, and carefully selects only the best raw materials for its partners for the production of beer and for brewing processes.

Anyone who loves excellent beer can only sell top level ingredients for beer.


Equipment for brewing beer

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